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I'm Bringing Sexy Back?

Hey guys!!!

I haven't chatted to quite a lot of you in a while, so I decided to post.

However, for better or worse, I am running out of things to say. I am back from my stint in Shropshire(as you know), did a week in Hampshire, and looks like next week will be Dorset, all places without the internet. On the plus side I was in Holborn buying a fountain pen (since I have a life and all) and I took a lot of snaps. Old Bailey included, I was going to go inside, nerd that I am, but I didn't want to go by myself, even though I've been to the Houses of Parliament, all alone, to watch PMQs live since I'm such a party animal and all. So anyway, to summarise, photo meme is almost done, any last requests can be posted here:


So, as I mentioned, I am running out of things to say, the country air isn't doing me the proverbial good, in fact I feel much, much less healthy and I do blame the countryside for that. The most interesting thing that has happened recently, apart from my spanking new fountain pen and bright yellow pea coat, was Glamour Magazine's 50 Sexiest Men Poll. I warn you, there were some apparitions in all the sexiness, some of the 'sexy men' in my opinion, are not for the weak stomached, so this is going to be under a cut.

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Oh! Also, I made an icons journal. Please check it out! Its colour_killer
Omfg. I feel like a tourist, London is AMAZING. It’s a horrible day; dull grey and rainy. But its wonderful, because its the day of my glorious, permenant return. Okay, maybe I am being a little highfalutin. And yet! I missed London so much. Shropshire is rubbish, dull, dull, dull. Full of vast emptiness. London, on the other hand, is a legendary city of, of well, STUFF. I am gonna be miffed if we go abroad like EVERYONE else.
Seriously! Everyone’s gone, I am like, getting so lonely! Everyone stopped over last weekend, well, if not everyone, then enough people to have a party. So we had an MJ Party, it was a seriously epic night and like, almost everyone (thankfully not me) did an MJ cover on the dance floor. I was shocked to realise that people I know could actually sing/dance or even do both rather well. I should learn...George came last (haha, loser) with his rendition of ‘They Don’t Care About Us’ and Alex won with ‘Smooth Criminal’ and ‘Billie Jean’ – go him! He was amazing, seriously! I don’t even begrudge contributing a tenner towards his prize. I even got to wear my sparkly dress and cool hat, yay!

The last thing ich did in Shropshire was go and watch Bruno. Bruno was...well, it didn't compare to Borat one bit! I didn't like it as much as I'd expected to. I saw an article which was like 'Bruno: The End of Baron Cohen' but I totally ignored it. Because I had completely faith in him in his sense of humour. However, I am a little disappointed. Bruno had moments of brilliance, moments of hilarity, and yes, seeing his cock do a dance was quite funny. The FIRST time, but seriously, constant nudity isn't that funny. I wonder what the reception will be like. I appreciate some people will find it funny, some people will find it hilarious. But...you know, it didn’t do that much for me.

Anyways! Meme time! I am thinking of doing a photo meme like Ana did. If anyone gives my any good suggestions, I will do! Now that I am back in London, it shouldn’t be hard to suggest stuff. So, if anyone has any ideas, let me know...

I will leave to enjoy this great tribute to MJCollapse )


How odd. I seem to be becoming a regular blogger here...the kind that nobody reads haha ^_^

Don't why I am smiling at that, but no matter. This is going to be a Tudors free/Graphics free post. The former because I think you deserve time from me ranting away and the latter because I have realised that I am a stupid massive hypocrite. All this time I have been telling how good I would be at everything if only I could use vegas, but when I finally got some clips it ended up horribly (thought it got loads of nice comments). What the hey, I'll post it below for all to see.

Anyways, I have done like NO revision, and I totally hate myself for it, because these exams are so fucking important, and I am wasting time. Waste. Waste. Waste. I can almost feel my future trickling through my finger tips. Not to mention, I don't know whether I am going to be forced abroad for Sixth Form, to China, of all places. So everything is really hanging in the balance and I know, I just know I am going to fuck up. AHHHH.

I like totally wish I was someone else...like, not Emma, not 16, not so thoroughly insignificant. OMG I wish it so much!!!!!!!

On a more positive note, I have been enjoying my none revising time, on Friday I went to a costume party as the lovely Anne Boleyn. Well anyway George got wind of this and came as Henry VIII, and managed we managed to make up for the umpteenth time and anyways it was great fun, load of booze and dancing and...other stuff, I am sure you get me I am so un-discrete.

So on Saturday I tried fencing for the first time since I broke like 5 bones...and it was the most excruciatingly painful yet really fun thing I have done in ages, even if I only managed like five minutes of it..and am back to my limping-shuffle of an old woman walk. I might try it again soon. Anyway, everyone is on D of E, which I couldn't go on, obviously (grrr) and I felt really bad even though I hate that shit. But the point is that no one saw me fuck up in fencing, which is good...

Tomorrow, probably won't do any revision either. Curl up watching Jeeves and Wooster and rip DVDs and dread the arrival of my English Tutor. So yeah...don't want to talk about that. *Shudders* It is seriously the nadir of my week.

We loved with a love that was more than love - I and my Annabel LeeCollapse )

Three Years in a Row


I woke up this morning. Turned the computer on to revise biology, and guess what? In about 3 minutes of me turning the thing on, the finale of season 3 (which had thus far been up to 0.5%) finished downloading. I love you Natalie!

Consequently, (after an hour of watching it and an hour of thinking about it) I think I failed the biology paper. I am an idiot to say this, but it was SO worth it.


Three years an a row, I was fighting back tears, though I must say, the Season 2 finale was the most gut wrenching. Anyways, this isn't a critique of Season 3, which I didn't think was amazing, this is a fucking elegy. I loved it. Frain totally stole the show, so if you think he is rubbish, well, you might not like it so much.

On another note, I am painfully aware that the anniversary of Anne's (pictured, as if you needed that pointed out) death passed without so much as an acknowledgment from me, I plan to address that in due course.

Also, would really appreciate it if anyone did my 'meme' - thought it was a good idea = P

Anyways, as you can guess there are going to be spoilers below.

Most gracyous prynce I crye for mercye, mercye, mercye!Collapse )

Meme Meme

the icon love you meme!

Well! I just saw this hanging around on lj and thought yeah, why not give it a go :)

Apparently is's another of those memes, meme is just such a stupid word, still makes me laugh.


- Comment with your user name.

- Have your friends leave a reply, with just an icon to describe you.

- Please reply to anyone you know who posts

- Yeah. That's it. Wonder if anyone will bother...

Pic. Pic. Pic. Spam. Spam. Spam.


I have posted on this damn thing endlessly over these past few days! Everyone must be getting so tired of me. Sorry. Anyway, I said I would attempt some kind of mega super multicharacter rise and fall picspam. Then I thought - hmmmm, I don't know how to do a picspam. So I thought I'd give it a cursory go, which slightly failed haha.

Posting it anyway. If ever figure out a way to improve my picspamming I will let you know.

I hope your not all tired with my crappy, and increasingly frequent attempts at making graphics.

If you are, (you are, I know it) I am truly sorry.

Anyway I will be brief. I just wanted to run an idea past you for a picspam, I didn't know what a picspam was until recently, i.e until I discovered lj when 'revising'.

So there you are!

I was thinking The Tudors - Trouble and Triumph for each of the main characters. They all have their moments, apart from maybe Henry, was technically triumphant all the time.

Please tell me what you think!

Also I've done one or two AB icons, they are below. Please check them out I am actually so pleased with them!

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I Try!


My Spanish exam didn't go that badly - isn't that AMAZING?!

Well, for me its totally thrilling. It wasn't perfect, I needed the toilet SO badly it was ridiculous. But still, I don't think it affected my Spanish.

Anyway, now only the important, consequential subjects are left. So I should be worried. But anyway, I am just glad to have done Spanish. I am such a silly nerd.

To celebrate, I am posting another crappy batch of icons. I did try, as hard as I tried in my Spanish. But, they didn't work exactly, please take a look though. Maybe my Tudors mood theme will be better?

Teasers :

Photobucket Photobucket

In the morning glad I see, my foe outstrecthed beneath the treeCollapse )
I was...errr...revising, when I stumbled across this little poem here. I thought I had exhausted ALL the poems in the world. Arrogant, you think, but I really have indulged myself in literature.

Anyways, I have found I new poem, which I actually like like. When I say 'new', its actually probably really old. But still! I have not as of yet researched it, so it could be about anything, I have a pretty shrewd idea, actually.

However, it made me think of someone else. So anyway, I wanted to share it with you. Here it is!

Still I Rise by Maya AngelouCollapse )